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A premier league player wants us to foot the bill so he can virtue signal - opinion

Written by Bentley Cocker

During this morning's hard-hitting GMB broadcast, Piers Morgan (who was forced out of the Daily Mirror in the early 2000s for the Iraq War Photos scandal), commended multi-millionaire footballer, Marcus Rashford, for the Manchester United and England star's series of 'non-political' tweets that called for Government action to reverse its decision to pay for free school meals for children during the summer holiday.

Yes, you heard that right. A premier league player wants us to foot the bill (for a measly £125million) so that he can virtue signal about an issue that he and mates could solve by themselves for a couple of weeks' wages.

As idiotic as this seems, nothing could beat the government's response. Goose-stepping in line with Morgan's latest pet project, Boris and his pals conceded, confirming with a single stroke of a pen that whatever Piers, wants, he gets! And, no… Before you ask, this you're not currently reading the latest edition of the Onion.

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