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Boris Johnson to launch cross-government commission to look into racism

Boris Johnson has announced that he will be setting up a cross-governmental commission to look into racism and the differences that minority groups experience in different sectors such as health, justice and education. This follows from the Black Lives Matters protests.

On Sunday Boris Johnson Said, “What I really want to do as prime minister changes the narrative, so we stop the sense of victimisation and discrimination,”

“We stop the discrimination, we stamp out racism and we start to have a real sense of expectation of success. But it won’t be easy. We’ll have to look very carefully at the real racism and discrimination that people face.”

However, Simon Wolley who is the chair for UK Governments race disparity unit says that Boris Johnson's language was overall “frankly unhelpful” he told LBC Radio. He went onto say that “The ‘Great’ in Great Britain was predicated on slavery and colonialism. And its legacy we still live with today,”

“The structures that lock people out - that’s not wallowing in victimhood, that’s an honest conversation. And we need to confront that.”

Previously Boris Johnson has said in the Telegraph that he is “extremely dubious about the growing campaign to edit or photoshop the entire cultural landscape” adding “Let’s fight racism, but leave our heritage broadly in peace,”

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