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Brexit deal in July says, Johnson

On Monday leaders from the European Union and Britain agreed to increase negotiation talks on the future relationship between the two with Boris Johnson saying that with "a bit of oomph" he thinks a deal can be reached by July.

This comes after the government sent formal notification to the European Union advising them that no extension to the current transition period would be sought meaning that by the end of this year the transition period would run out and regardless of a deal or not the United Kingdom would leave the European Union for good.

Boris Johnson has said that he does not "think we’re actually that far apart but what we need now is to see a bit of oomph in the negotiations" adding that he has told the European Union representatives he needed to "put a tiger in the tank" to speed up the talks.

“The faster we can do this the better, and we see no reason why you shouldn’t get this done in July.”

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen along with the leaders of the European Council has said that the European Union and the UK have agreed ... that new momentum was required.

Whilst all of this sounds good, there are critics who do not see a deal being reached by July and in cases that no deal will be reached at all.

One European Union diplomat has said that although there are plans to speed up the talks, there will not be any progress until after the summer when the British will “scramble to get something done” at the 11th hour.

Jill Rutter, from the think tank UK in a Changing Europe, told a Brexit panel discussion on Monday that a “very thin and unambitious deal” was likely, but a no-deal scenario was still on the table saying “I think it would be totally wrong to think that the UK will be so desperate that it will move heaven and earth to avoid no deal,” she said.

With things moving this quickly it is hard to tell what will happen, however previous experience has shown us that everything will be completed in the final hours but will this deal be of any substance and will it harm the UK, who knows. Only time will tell.

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