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Britain’s cultural war- Today’s protests

J&T News (Opinion) - - Last weekend protests saw scenes of violence and criminal mentality brought to the forefront of the British conscious. The protests were to do with the killing of American George Floyd, with the American race wars being artificially replicated in the UK to portray the social issues of black Americans. The UK Soft-touch image has given rise to communist tendencies in the UK since the Blair era of politics, in doing so the moderates (as they like to be viewed) have given away substantial grounds to the political left to appease them.

This evidenced as recently as last weekend, by the police response to protestors. The taking of a knee to what was nothing more than a mob, by Police officers were shameful and have in turn led to the legitimacy of left-wing extremist groups. The bow was symbolic but not for the reasons some might believe, it was the politicization of the police force, breaking very publically the so-called political neutrality. Something which one could argue has long ago been broken, but never so publically shoved in the face of the public as it was last weekend.

The taking of a knee was symbolic, symbolic of the new times we are entering which is one of submission if not resisted. The taking of the knee is made even more disgusting that in most of the riots Churchill’s statue was vandalised. The police allowed this to happen, even moving along some patriots to allow the BLM movement to attack the statue, of the greatest Britain which has ever lived.

Many people up and down the country were disgusted by such an action against the figure who led us to victory against the Nazis, and rightly so. Churchill was not perfect and history does reflect that, but the good the man did, in my opinion, outweighs the bad he committed. There are others who feel this way and as a reactionary response to the mindless attack on British history and culture, and these groups have organised counter-protests to act as security where the police have failed to protect many loved statues of influential figures in our history.

Sadly while the rhetoric for the BLM movement who is accompanied by groups like Antifa, is one of support and even encouraged by the establishment. The message to anyone who wishes to defend there history, culture and memorials is one of negativity, being accused of being far-right extremists and borderline Nazis by people like Sadiq Khan. This is hypocritical especially following last weekend’s performance by groups claiming to fight for justice and equality who injured 30 police officers. The message of Sadiq Khan is one of further division lacking much leadership over the reasons why people might be taking the actions required this weekend. Khan is a prime example of why many people are starting to believe that we are in the midst of a cultural war, with sides being decided by the individual over the last two consecutive weekends.

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