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Globalisation Free Trade vs World Order

Globalisation has always taken place on some level throughout history, whether this is the historic trading route for silk roads or the empirical rule of European empires. At this moment in human history, I take the viewpoint that we are heading towards a new World Order. This is not a crazy conspiracy theory article but more of a statement about whether we should pursue the route of greater global integration and remove the existing barriers in terms of social cohesion which make nations and cultures unique. This article instead wishes to make a brief, and by my own admission ideological argument for globalisation based solely on the Classically Liberal principles of free trade.

The World Order theories are based around the idea of a one-world government, with this in mind I do acknowledge that for Britain we have been part of a regional order being the EU, rather than a world order as NATO lack the influence to make substantial grounds to build upon the premise of a world order due to the lack of stability between NATO members.

However, for Britain, we were heading up until recently a federalised state within the European Union. The vote for Brexit can be seen as a rejection of further integration on a global world.

What I would argue is that Brexit while being a reactionary, to the push for global integration has also painted the way for a global world based upon free trade. The difference between free trade and social engineering Is one is based upon force while the other based upon the common good of freedom to strike trade deals between individual states. A global world based upon free trade is the ideal way for globalisation to take place, it’s the only possible scenario in which world actors can remain autonomous and reject integration or embrace it, without the force of world institutions trying to force narrative of the world order.

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