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Google apologises for the “disappearance” of British hero - Sir Winston Churchill from search engine

Figure 1: Google search of “British Prime Minister” shows all Prime Ministers democratically granted access to No 10 Downing Street except Sir Winston Churchill – who was given a blank canvas or “defaced”.

The murder of George Floyd, 46 under the knee of Derek Chauvin, 44 has sparked the outbreak of the Black Lives Matter “BLM” movement - in the middle of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. This protest has spread worldwide; and, here in the UK, BLM supporters are requiring the removal of any historical monuments they perceive to be associated with racial inequality, slavery and injustice, with Edward Colston being thuggishly and undemocratically toppled and thrown into the River Avon - being most notable.

Shockingly, Sir Winston Churchill a Great British hero who defeated Hitler and Nazism to save the world, was defaced on several occasions throughout last week by the BLM movement for his “racist” views of Indians which by today’s standards is of course unacceptable. This has divided the Great British public and led to retired military veterans, soldiers, patriots and drunken thugs protesting against the not so recently peaceful BLM movement – to protect British History – escalating to violence from both sides.

Figure 2: Black Lives Matter Activist Imam Ayton, 29 has called the statue of Sir Winston Churchill “offensive”.

The search engine “Google” fuelled further tensions between both parties as the circulation of the fact that a search of “British Prime Minister” into its engine displayed all prime ministers except the man voted “Greatest Briton of all time” in 2002. Google images of dictators and mass murderers such as Hitler, Stalin and Mao remain. Social media users in the UK, US, Australia and South Africa – to name a few - claim the image of Churchill is not visible and have demanded answers to why that is the case, as Google images of all the ex-leaders are taken from Wikipedia – one destination where he hasn’t been defaced.

However, the rapid complaints made by users to “Google Search Liaison” on Twitter as “@searchliasion” demanding answers for his absence, resulted in the response shown below, with the company led by Indian-American Sundar Pichai since 2015 – apologising and explaining the reasons why.

Figure 3: Google’s response to the removal of Sir Winston Churchill from their search engine results.

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