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Hoyle calls for review of parliaments paintings and statues

Updated: Jun 14

In an interview with Christopher Hope of The Daily Telegraph, "Sir Lindsay Hoyle calls for review of Parliament's statues and paintings after Black Lives Matter protests, 12.06.2020"


In this interview with Sir Lindsey Hoyle, speaker of the House of Commons he says: "They are the great politicians of history and they may be judged differently in the future but at the moment, they are part of the history of this House."

Whilst he does not condone the tearing down of Britain monuments and would rather we take the effort "to explain and contextualise Britain's bloody past."

In a way of finding the middle ground with the Black Lives Matter protestors, he would like a parliamentary committee to be set up to check the historical background of parliaments treasures to make sure that anyone with links to slavery is taken down.

He says: "I'm a person who enjoys history, and history is very important to us - very very important it's about making judgement on history. It's about telling the right stories in history. 

"If people don't want the monument where it is, I understand that and agree with that. But it should go into a museum, where the story can be told about where the wealth came from, how that wealth was accrued. Tell the story - don't destroy the statue."

Sir Lindsay says: "I've been having a look round myself to see what we have got...  is there anything that depicts slavery? Not that I know of. Maybe, maybe some individuals, I'm not sure yet where we are.

"We've always got to consistently review what's on show in the House. I was asking the other day about paintings. Did the paintings depict somebody who'd been involved in slavery? People will be asking, and I think it is right that we review and we interpret what is there."

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