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Matt Hancock caught breaking Coronavirus 2-metre rule with mixed social media response

In the House of Commons, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock – was caught live on camera walking up to a colleague, making conversation, and slapping him on the back… breaking the social distancing measure at a time of great national uncertainty.

The public are daily belittled, and reminded constantly to follow all the strict, basic and punishable orders given by the government – yet the Health Secretary acts as if those rules do not apply to him. Hancock has previously said it is peoples “civic duty” to follow government guidelines on containment – yet himself has been caught trying to engage in a conversation with 2 other MP’s with one MP sensibly stepping aside swiftly to maintain a 2m gap from the Health Secretary and his rule breaking partner in crime

This video has resulted in both social media outrage at the Health Secretary breaking his own rules, whilst others indirectly show their support by instead attacking the News platform – for not fairly reporting the Black Lives Matter protests in central London for clearly breaking the rules also Notable TV presenter, Piers Morgan on Twitter as “@PiersMorgan” tweeting:

“Health Secretary @MattHancock has spent the last 3 months telling us all to socially distance at least 2m apart. This is him today ignoring that in Parliament. Yet again, one rule for them, another for us”.

However, this post received significant backlash from the public with most calling Piers Morgan a “hypocrite” for praising his son for attending the BLM protests in central London and evidently breaking the rule himself.

Similar to the Piers Morgan scenario aforementioned, Figure 4 displays Sky News on twitter as “@SkyNews” aiming to expose the Health Secretary by providing a link their article and tweeting: “Matt Hancock was seen breaking social distancing rules just moments before joining Boris Johnson for Prime Minister’s Questions”.

Again, a mixed response was provided by the public, with many showing outrage at the level of hypocrisy displayed by the Sky News, for not stating the fact that the Black Lives Matter protests also broke social distancing measures and the supposedly peaceful protest in fact turned very ugly and extremely violent, with one police officer knocked off her horse. For example, one user known as “@GuyFawk23231052” on Twitter, tweeted: “Sky are beyond belief. Calling out Matt Hancock for social distancing, yet supported BLM protests… WTF happened to these journalists (activists)”.

Another user, “@Obi1_Shinobi” replied to the Sky News post, by tweeting:

“You’ve [Sky News] been race baiting for weeks – encouraging people to break SD rules”.

Health Secretary, Matt Hancock – has since apologised for the breach of rules, in a statement released by his office. He said “I’m so sorry for a human mistake on my part”, and “like all of us, I instinctively wanted to reach out to a friend I’d just seen – in this case, for the first time in many weeks”. He added, “I realised my mistake and corrected myself”. “It shows how hard social distancing can be but it is so important that we all keep trying to do our bit”.

Hancock previously faced criticism after senior NHS leaders claimed he had been holding video conferences from his office while surrounded by 10 to 20 people and failing to maintain social distancing.

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