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Poole council stops plan to remove scout statue

Following on the controversial movement to start removing statues across the United Kingdom that have a controversial history no statue has been safe. In particular, a statue in Poole honouring Robert Baden-Powell the founder of the scouts.

Poole council have stated that they will provide 24-hour security for the statue until it can either be temporarily removed or the threat to it subsides.

The council said that there are “some aspects of Robert Baden-Powell’s life that are considered less worthy of commemoration”.

“We know that local people feel proud of Lord Baden-Powell’s and the Scout movement’s links with Poole and that some people feel that we would be giving in to the protesters by temporarily removing the statue,” said Mark Howell, the council’s deputy leader.

“Although we cannot say when any temporary removal may take place, we will be providing 24-hour security until it is either removed or the threat diminishes.”

Locals along with former and current scout leaders have expressed anger at the original proposal to remove the statue. MP for Poole Conor Burns described it as “a huge error of judgement”.

A spokesman for the Scouts said the organisation was looking forward to discussing the matter with the council “to make an informed decision on what happens next”.

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