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The UK to close the Department for International Development.

The British Government has announced that it will be merging the Department for International Development with the Foreign Office to allow the government to better promote British interests, saving money but without cutting spending on projects overseas.

Boris Johnson has said that this would allow the government to remove the divide between the two departments and would allow the government to spend in line with its foreign policy aims.

“This will unite our aid with our diplomacy and bring them together in our international effort,” he told parliament. “We already punch above our weight, this will help us to punch even harder.”

The new department will launch in September and will be called the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

This decision was criticised by the government's opponents who have said this announcement was used to create a smokescreen from the government's coronavirus response.

Opposition and Labour Party Leader, Kier Starmer said that “The prime minister should stop these distractions and get on with the job of tackling the health and economic crisis we currently face"

The Institute for Government think tank said that the DFID (Department for International Development) had a budget which was 5x bigger than that of the foreign office. Official statistics show that Britain spent £15.2 billion pounds in 2019 on "Official Development Assistance"

This move, however, should not come as a surprise as the Conservative Government and their MPs have for some time argues that money was being wasted on vacuous projects that could either be managed better or should just be scrapped in favour of spending this money at home instead.

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