• Ben Truman

Warren Buffett's company is suspected of supplying bricks to protesters in the USA

​​Britt Stokes, marketing director for Acme Brick Co. a brick factory, saw the first deceptive tweet on Monday, June 1st. The photos with two bricks from the place of the protest, the man who posted this tweet said that they delivered there intentionally to support the protest. Stokes reports that these bricks were bought by some people to repair the fence. The police department confirmed these order details in the published statement.

More and more posts have arisen on Twitter and Facebook about Acme Brick, a company that is allegedly involved in protests. After, the discussion moved to YouTube and TikTok. The social net platforms trying to filter and delete inaccurate information that generates a hearing about Acme Brick, which is part of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a $ 436 billion conglomerate led by Warren Buffett, as reported Bloomberg.

As it turned out, those unverified messages weren’t limited Internet platforms, and several editions reported about a pile of bricks that were found near the places of protests. This news published Fox News, a segment of cable television. Also on Twitter, the White House published a selection of brick videos, then they deleted them after watching more than 1 million times. Later, no adequate evidence was found for these rumours, even after many checks. The company itself, when the noise subsided announced on Facebook and its website and said: "Acme Brick Co. engages in construction, not destruction."

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