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Was the UK Government right in shutting Schools down with no legal basis?

A legal challenge against the UK Government lockdown was submitted in May of this year. It was brought about by Simon Dolan, an entrepreneur who says he is "fed up with the increasing government control being exerted." His challenge is being funded by thousands of people around the UK, and has raised nearly £180,000 so far. It has a target of £200,000 which ends in 10 days.

The case was filed 21st May, it contained over 1000 supporting legal documents and an 87 page Statement of Grounds. The proceedings are against Matt Hancock, the Secretary if State for Health & Social Care -- whose name is on the lockdown laws -- and Gavin Williamson the Secretary for Education, who presided over the closure of the schools and universities.

On Friday 12th June, they received a response from the UK Government with just 3 minutes left before the legal deadline expires. The 58 page document covers an admission that the UK Government had no legal basis to close the schools, and they simply "recommended it". They are to release the full response from the government shortly.

Simon Dolan said on the campaign fund page

"This is really quite an extraordinary lie, and one which never would have come out if we hadn't started this Judicial Review"

Their campaign has been responsible for pushing the Government to release the minutes of the SAGE meetings. Before their legal response, their minutes were not available to the public.

Children and young people appear to be more than 50% less likely to catch SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, than adults but evidence remains weak on how likely they are to transmit the virus, finds a UCL-led review of test and tracing and population screening studies.

We will be following this legal battle between Dolan and the UK Government. We will bring you more updates as they are released.

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