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Why do Libertarians take it on the chin?

Written by Bentley Cocker

One thing that I find really odd as a Libertarian is how the mainstream media often lump us in with Far Right. I mean, how is it possible for someone to confuse a freedom-loving Libertarian, who believes in equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, sexual preference, religion, and political ideology, with a knuckle-dragging racist who demands the expatriation of anyone with a skin tone darker than Ovaltine?

Is it a decline in Press standards? Possibly. The Cairncross Report of 2018 points a decline in the opus prime of publishing: Investigation Journalism. The Leverson Report of 2012 suggests a lack of verification in the journalistic process. There’s also a notable trend for interviewers these days to chase Gotcha moments rather than exploring arguments, like the infamous Jordan Peterson interview with Cathy Newman on Channel 4.

Could it be the symptom of the MSM’s failure to adapt to the modern world? Again, it’s possible. Nowadays, stories develop, progress, and are propagated faster than ever, due to Social media. There’s simply not enough time to properly research a story before publishing it. TV stations also find it hard to compete with ‘long-form’ articles on outlets such as YouTube. They simply can’t devote an hour or more to a single topic.

Or could the answer be something more insidious?

A more conspiratorial thinker would point to the fact that the lens through which the world is seen has undoubtedly changed since the onset of the Culture Wars. Social Justice lost the argument but still emerged victorious, and its legacy is the modern orthodoxy of having to view everything through the lens of oppressors and oppressed. A lens that is omnipresent and inescapable, existing everywhere from classrooms to bedrooms to boardrooms. A lens we are compelled to use by the Government, and one that makes us see the world in Black and White.

Disagree with the defunding the Police? You're a racist. Don’t believe in the Patriarchy? You’re a sexist. Think there’s more to Climate Change than CO2? You’re a denier.

And when it’s like this, it’s easy to become lazy in your thinking. I mean, why bother distinguishing Libertarians from Fascists when they’re essentially two sides of the same coin? It’s not like they ever kick up a fuss about it. You never see them protesting in the streets, suing for defamation, or trolling the BBC in their millions, do you? And that’s the real crux of it.

They don’t need to label us correctly because we don’t kick-off when they do. We don’t smash windows. We don’t demand revolution. We get slandered, we shrug our shoulders. We get libelled, we tolerate their ignorance. We get mislabelled; we take it on the chin.

We’re small in number, peaceful in nature. The worst we ever do is post a meme. It’s just who we are, what we are, and how we are. And we’ll never change, so neither will they.

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